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What is Lingocruit and what do you do? More
Is Lingocruit's service free? More
What type of companies do you partner with? More
Do I have to speak several languages? More
What working hours can I expect? More
What can I expect from the introduction and training? More
Will the introduction and training be paid? More
What about the office location - how do I get there? More
What can I expect in terms of probation, notice period and overtime? More
Do I need to have a foreign bank account? More
Where will I stay during the initial period? More
Do I have to search for accommodation before starting the job? More
Do I have to pay for the flight ticket in advance? More
What does shared accomodation mean? More
Is the salary sufficient to have a decent lifestyle? More
Besides rent, what is the cost of living? More
Do I need a starting budget? More
How are the employers handling COVID-19? More
How do I make sure I can get to the new location during COVID-19? More
Do I need a travel insurance? More